Specialty Fishing Products

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7 x 7 Niroflex Stainless Steel Fishing Leader

Price: 3.24

7 x 7 Niroflex stainless steel fishing leader with 1 super safe swivel and 1 barrel swivel. 7 x 7 predator fishing leader made of Niroflex stainless steel with 49 individual strands and of unparalleled pliability. The use of a plastic sheath has been avoided intentionally in order to achieve maximum pliability. The brown color blends into the color of the water. Angler can rely 100% on the new Super Safe swivels, made in Korea. Thanks to the clever snap mechanism, the swivel can no longer open while you are fishing.


Fishing Rig Wire Leader 1x7

Price: 1.52

Fishing rig wire leader with barrel swivel and snap link. Content: 2 pieces.The new 1 x7 predatory fish leaders made from non-rusting Niroflex stainless steel with 7 single strands twisted together and incomparable suppleness. Maximum suppleness is achieved by doing without the plastic sheath. The brown color melds in with the water. You can rely on the super-safe swivels.


Wolfram Rigs

Price: 3.24

Wolfram leader with barrel swivel and snap link.


Two Arms High-Low Rig

Price: 1.66

Two arms high-low rig is developed according to the recent fishing techniques – the fast exchange beads and swivels are used.


Surf Fishing Rigs

Price: 2.70

First class surf systems, equally suitable for experts and occasional anglers.